Heel Veratrum Homaccord (Discontinued)

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Veratrum Homaccord helps relieve symptoms associated with abdominal discomforts including constipation and diarrhea.

Hurry! Heel has been discontinued, so quantities are limited - 

How to use 
Apply 10 drops directly on the tongue 3 times daily. In acute disorders initially apply 10 drops every 15 minutes. For optimal results, apply drops under the tongue.

Available in a 30mL liquid.


Veratrum 2X, Veratrum 10X, Veratrum 30X, Veratrum 200X 0.3 ml; Aloe 2X, Aloe 10X, Aloe 30X 0.1 ml; Tormentilla 0.15 ml; Tormentilla 10X, Tormentilla 30X 0.05 ml; Rheum 1X 1 ml; Rheum 10X, Rheum 30X ana 0.05 ml. Contains 35 Vol.% alcohol. 

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