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Vaccines are usually administered on Fridays, except during the flu season, when additional vaccination times are made available.  Please call the pharmacy if you require a booking-time exception, otherwise please self book to secure your interest in vaccination.

 *Covid-19 AstraZeneca - Booking July 23, August 13th, and August 27th only*


A link to register is found at the bottom of this page. Please read.

PROCDURES (Updated: July 08, 2021, 5:04pm, by. A.Formosa, RPh)

  1. BOOKING: Patients are asked to SELF-REGISTER for Vaccination. Your booking will reserve your dose. To avoid delays, please ensure submitted information matches your valid BC ID and PHN. Your legal name must be used. 
  2. CHECK-IN: To avoid lines, please arrive no more than 5 minutes early. Check in at the dispensary counter with your ID. You will be called in appointment order. 
  3. AVOID WASTED DOSES: Inventory is carefully matched to appointment registration. For reasons of liability, vaccines brought to the appointment by patients will not be administered/used, except under very specific circumstances. Please register with only one provider and honour your appointment. 
  4. AVAILABILITY: You will be contacted if vaccine is not available for the appointment time you've selected, or if your appointment needs to be moved.
  5. BE PREPARED: Wear short sleeves, bring your BC ID and PHN, and try to be brief with the pharmacist or nurse. 
  6. TIME: We aim for high procedural efficiency, but delays are to be expected. We will try to make your wait as short as possible. Budget 30 to 60 minutes for your visit to avoid rushing. 
  7. VACCINE: Vaccine will be recommended by the provider, based upon eligibility, appropriateness and availability. If both a privately funded and a publically funded options exists, you will be given with a choice.
  8. PRODUCT MONOGRAPH: Available upon request.
  9. DOSES: Some vaccines require multiple doses administered according to a schedule. Booking follow-up appointments at the correct time is your responsibility. Please ask for assistance if required.
  10. EFFICACY: Vaccine is usually considered effective 2-3 weeks after the last dose in a series. It is still possible to catch or transmit an infectious disease during the vaccination period; however, partially vaccinated persons are significantly less susceptible. 
  11. DONT DELAY: Keep your vaccinations up to date. Vaccination schedules usually cant be altered to accomidate travel plans made at short notice. 
  12. RECORDS: We will keep a local record, and we provide the ministry with a medication record. Once you've been immunized, you can view your provincial record of immunization here


  • Eligibility requirements will be determined by the Province of BC. 
  • Government issued Identification and BC PHN (Personal Health Number) are mandatory, If you do not have a BC PHN, one may need to be issued to you.
  • All health concerns should be discussed with your physician before making an appointment. 
  • If you require more than one vaccine, please contact the pharmacy after registering your appointment to add additional time to your appointment.
  • Short Sleeves with EASY ACCESS to the SHOULDER are REQUIRED. 

If you consent to the requested services and acknowedge that charges may be associated with the use of some private vaccines and services, register here:

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