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Aaronson's Pharmacy is a trusted, and efficient Canadian pharmacy located in Victoria, British Columbia. For 110 years, Aaronson’s Pharmacy has thrived by focusing on the provision of well rounded pharmacy service.


Quality of Service

As a proud member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America),  the BC Pharmacy Association and the Canadian Pharmacists Association, we uphold the highest standards in professionalism. Our speciality compounded medications are produced by our pharmacists and technicians in our NAPRA compliant CPBC registered facility, and prescriptions are prepared with diligent care and attention to detail.

Our Methods

We also understand the importance of providing each patient with the one-on-one attention they deserve. Ensuring a full understanding of the patient's medications, wellness and care plan, we work collaboratively with all members of the healthcare community to ensure prescriptions are safe, effective and accurate.

While taking an integrated and holistic approach to health and wellness, we believe that strong communication begins with focused questions and a careful understanding of our patient's history, goals and needs. 

The Aaronson's Tradition

Family has been a tradition at Aaronson’s since the beginning in 1910. “Doc” Aaronson employed his son, who later took over ownership and the tradition of running a 'family' business. Larry Thorne and his family maintained the pharmacy for many years. The tradition continued with Ray Formosa passing the pharmacy down to his sons Andrew, Luke and Chris.

The pharmacy gained recognition in 1999 with PR International naming Aaronson's as one of the top 45 Service Recommended Companies in the Province of B.C. The pharmacy continues to deliver the quality service that the public has appreciated for the entire 104 years that Aaronson’s has been a open!


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