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Homeopathy is a traditional system of medicine. It is an indirect therapeutic concept that aims to use diluted substances, with a primary objective of not interfering with the body's healing mechanisms.

Homeopathy and pharmacology are generally based on the discovery that physical substances are capable of affecting the body and generating measurable effects, when used in carefully prepared doses.  By studying the effects that develop with calibrated doses of these substances, the effects can be measured, and used to treat medical conditions. Homeopathy approaches this objective by using doses that may be very small, (or in some cases no longer present), such that they no longer cause these effects. This is done with the hope that the condition resolves itself, and that the diluted substances indirectly affect this process, or otherwise assist the patient through a subjective means of reducing suffering. By contrast, evidence based medicine uses these effects more directly to counter disease states. Modern evidence based medicine approaches this process with a sophisticated system of scientifically validated study. Decisions are based on statistics, controlled observation and follow-up. Homeopathy instead applies a traditional hypothesis to substances in way that is less objectively tested, and somewhat less constrained by proof of concept methodology. Homeopathy is therefore, more subjective in its approach. 


Although homeopathy is not our core area of practise, Health Canada recognizes the tradition of homeopathy, and licenses homeopathic products for sale to Canadians. These products are becoming difficult for patients to find. As a traditional pharmacy, we facilitate the sale of homeopathy as a complimentary system of care. We do this through a policy that ensures that patients who use homeopathy also have access to a pharmacist, who can be available to them in an environment that fosters trust and understanding. We open up pharmaco-therapeutic options in a way that few pharmacies do, providing drug and treatment options to all patients, without prejudice toward cultural views or beliefs. We believe that this narrows the care-gap, ensuring fewer patients fall through the cracks untreated, or uncared for.

Informed patient autonomy is a part of Aaronson's Pharmacy's tradition, therefore, we provide access to these products without bias or judgement, with the hope that we can remain helpful to you.  If you choose to use homeopathy, you may select remedies and experiment on self limiting conditions with your doctor's consent. We encourage all patients to proceed with the help of a physician, naturopath and homeopath.

We realize that Homeopathy is both culturally relevant, and traditional in its approach. Due to a lack of scientic support for homeopathy, many patients struggle to find reliable and safe homeopathic products. Our online store provides an extensive selection of traditional homeopathic remedies, to make this process more accessable to you.  


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