Private and Public Vaccination Appointments

We provide vaccination services for adults and children 5+ by appointment. Please speak to your local public health unit office for vaccination of small children and infants.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) informs our recommendations on Immunization. These NACI guidelines help us to provide timely, individualized recommendations. Please see the Canadian Immunization Guide Here

A link to register is found at the bottom of this page. Please read.


  1. BOOKING: Patients are asked to SELF-REGISTER. (link below)
  2. PRE-ARRIVAL: Self assess your health. If you are sick, please re-schedule by calling 250-383-6511.
  3. CHECK-IN: Please arrive 5 minutes early. Check in at the counter.
  4. BE PREPARED: Wear relaxed-fit short sleeves for vaccination appointments. Masks are optional for guests.
  5. TIME: Budget 15 to 60 minutes for your visit to avoid rushing. 
  6. ADDITIONAL DOSES: Some vaccines require multiple doses according to a schedule. Follow-up appointments are your responsibility.
  7. EFFICACY: Vaccine is usually considered effective 1-2 weeks after the last dose in a series. It is still possible to catch or transmit an infectious disease during or after the vaccination period; however, partially vaccinated persons are significantly less susceptible than unvaccinated persons. 
  8. RECORDS: We will keep a local record, and provide the ministry of health with a medication administration record. Once you've been immunized, BC residents can view their provincial record of immunization here


  • Eligibility for Publically-funded Vaccine will be determined by the Province of BC. 
  • Government issued ID is mandatory.
  • Private Vaccines must be pre-paid, and become the non-refundable property of the patient. Administration and appointment fees are creditable if appointments must be moved or cancelled.
  • Private vaccine may be dispensed for a doctor's appointment, if you bring a hard sided cooler, and clean icepacks. Advanced notice required.
  • Public vaccine may not be dispensed for use outside of the pharmacy.

If you consent to services and acknowledge that charges may be associated with some vaccines and appointment services, please register here: