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British Columbia Residents (Eligible for MSP Services)

If you have a new, mild, self-limiting condition, or if you use a medication that requires refill authorization or reassessment, please book an appointment with one of our collaborative care physician's, through our Avicenna web-service. There is no charge to BC permanent residents for this basic medical service. During your appointment you will have a 5-10 minute phone consult a Medical Doctor (MD) carrying an active BC CPSID. 


Service to Non-Residents (Not Registered under MSP)

If you are not a BC resident or, if have a current prescription written outside of Canada and wish to consult the opinion a Canadian Physician, you may book an appointment for a fee at the physician's current rate of service. If your visit is not covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP), you will be contacted by Avicenna to arrange pre-payment ahead of your appointment. Please note that booking an appointment does not guarantee that a physician will be able to prescribe medication; however, he or she will do so according to their best judgement. If you are not comfortable with this type of consultancy, please visit a physician local to you.


 Service conditions and notices to our clients

*By registering for this collaborative care service you acknowledge that Aaronson's Pharmacy may be engaged to provide prescription fulfillment services to complete your care visit. We kindly request your support in exchange for this opportunity to connect you with an available physician.

*If you have specific needs, please inform the physician during your appointment and they will assist you per their professional judgement.

*Appointments may be cancelled if the physician determines they are not able to assist by phone. If your appointment is cancelled, please visit a local physician in person.

*If you do not have provincial MSP coverage then medical visits will be billed to the patient. Prescription fulfilment services may incur charges at the usual instore rates and dispensing fees.  There is no additional fee added to this service. 

* Please communicate respectfully, and honor the physician and pharmacist's decisions regarding your care. We work within regulatory constraints; as such, certain drugs may not be prescribed or dispensed if professional judgment, laws or restrictions prevent us from doing so safely.

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