Pharmacist's Clinic

Our pharmacists practise a style of pharmacy characterized by a patient-care approach. This enables our team to offer a broad scope of services. This style of care is more than just dispensary services or drug sales. It focuses on core healthcare services such as clinical assessment, prescribing, travel, and routine immunization services.

Our services include the assessment of common medical conditions, prescribing for minor ailments, prescription adaptation and renewal, immunization, adminstration of drugs by injection, comprehensive medication assessments, dose witnessing, med-reconcilliation, long-format pharmacotherapeutic planning, blood pressure monitoring, device training, lab review, point of care testing, planned discontinuation, therapeutic substitutions, dose changes, active follow-up and referral. Many of these routine services are a public benefit sponsored by the BC Ministry of Health, as part of the provincial healthcare plan.

If you have a minor ailment or medical condition requiring a clinical assessment by a pharmacist, please book an appointment by clicking the following link.

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