iPhone & Android Apps

Aaronson's Pharmacy offers two smartphone applications. These tools enable our clients to request refills, and submit new prescriptions to the pharmacy. 

iEMR (registration in pharmacy required) allows the patient to:

  • view their prescription
  • initiate refills in real time
  • view their local profile and vaccination record
  • submit a new prescription directly to the pharmacist
  • order your family's medications.
  • send a note to the phamacist's work-queue.

Medicine Centre was developed by uniPHARM for member pharmacies. It allows new and current patients to:

  • Make refill requests.
  • Submit new prescriptions to the pharmacy without prior registration.
  • Read health articles and health tips.
  • Request free delivery or pickup.

Android & Samsung

iEMR, by Applied Robotics.
(Complimentary and Ad-free. Current patients only.)
Medicine Centre, by Cellflare.
(Complimentary. All Canadian residents.)


Apple iPhone & iPad

iEMR, by Applied Robotics. 
(Complimentary and Ad-free. Current patients only.)
Medicine Centre, by Cellflare. 
(Complimentary. All Canadian residents.)