Boiron Gastrosine - DISCONTINUED


*** THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED BY BOIRON DUE TO INSUFFICIENT PRODUCT DEMAND IN CANADA*** ; however, we can have this formula specially re-produced by Boiron (the original manufacturer) as orally disintegrating pellets. If you wish for us to special order this formula as a single, small-batch special order, please be advised that although the active formula will be identical, the physical appearance of the product and packing will differ from the photo significantly. A tube of 80 orally dis-solvable pellets will be substituted. The item will not appear as in the product photo. Oral pellets will be packaged in a plainly labeled tube similar to single remedy products.  By placing an order for this product you are agreeing to an alternative, custom-made pellet. Each tube contains 80 small dis-solvable pellets.

Gastrosine helps to relieve digestive problems including bloating, heartburn and drowsiness after meals.

How to use 
Adults and children from 5 years old:
Take [3 pellets] every hour up to 12 times per day. Allow the pellets to dissolve in the mouth. For optimal results, dissolve under tongue.

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