Artron LifeClues Male Fertility Test

Artron LifeClues Male Fertility Test.

Detect Your Sperm Concentration.

Problems with conceiveing are not just about Women. These tests can help a couple in the process of family planning by providing useful information instrumental to the success of planned conception.

One-third of infertile couples have male-related issues.

A study and survey regarding male and female in reproductive age in the United States have experienced fertility problems has found :

Approximately 9% of men and 11% of women in the United States of reproductive age have encountered fertility issues​.

In 1/3 infertile couples, the issue lies with the male partner.

In another 1/3 of infertile couples, the cause remains unidentified or affects both partners.

In the remaining 1/3 of infertile couples, the issue lies with the female partner.


(2 Tests/Box)

Format: Cassettte

Sensitivity: 15 Million Sperm counts/mL

Specimen: Semen.


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