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Please read the following.

We are accepting DOSE 2 reciepients of Astra Zeneca only, due to Nation-Wide supply constraints.

It has been re-iterated that this is NOT due to concerns about Thrombocytopenia. Dose 1 appointments are now CLOSED To ensure enough doses are available to complete DOSE 2 in the vaccination series for patients in progress. As such, further supplies will only be directed to patients requiring dose 2. If you have an appointment for dose 1, your appointment is still in effect.

*** Patients requiring dose 2 ****

We will be providing 1 appointment day per week, to ensure the most efficient use of vaccine possible.

Patients may receive dose 2, four weeks after dose 1.

Before we provide your vaccine, there is some information we would like to communicate with you. The following may answer some questions, and improve efficiency when it is time to administer your vaccine. If you have questions about your health, or the ChAdOx1-S Recombinant Vaccine, please book a pre-vaccination appointment with your doctor.  

A link to register is found at the bottom of this page. Please read.

PROCDURE (Updated: May 10, 2021, 12:14am, by. A.Formosa, RPh)

  1. BOOKING: Patients are asked to SELF-REGISTER for COVID-19 Vaccination DOSE #2, only. Insufficient supply remains for dose 1 recipients. Your booking will reserve your dose. Please only book at one location to avoid waste. We offer 2 spaces per 10 minute interval, between 4pm and 6pm, Monday to Friday. If all time slots are booked, or if vaccine is out of stock, or if the registration fails, check back the following business day. To avoid delays, please ensure submitted information matches your valid BC ID and PHN. Your legal name must be used. 
  2. CHECK-IN: Please wear a mask and arrive no more than 5 minutes early. Enter through the Pharmacy's front door, under the blue awning. (A line may form to enter). Check in at the dispensary counter with your ID. We have very limited space, and expect a large number of visitors. You will be called in appointment order. 
  3. AVOID WASTED DOSES: The vaccine has an extremely limited shelf-life, once the vial is opened. Doses are carefully inventoried to match registration. Please register with only ONE vaccine provider. Duplicate registrations will cause wastage. If you need to cancel an appointment or if you are unsure about your booking, please call us at 250-383-6511. Cancelled appointments may still lead to wasted doses, so please respect your appointment time.
  4. AVAILABILITY: Only dose 2 recipients may book appointments to recieve AZ at this time, due to supply constraints.
  5. BE PREPARED: Wear short sleeves, bring your BC ID and PHN, and try to be brief with the pharmacist or nurse. Your vaccination time is expected to take 3-5 minutes. These appointments will be brief, but not hurried. Your comfort is important to us. Current, local, COVID-19 Information is available at the BCCDC Here.
  6. TIME: We are aiming for high procedural efficiency, but delays are to be expected. Please come with patience and time to wait. We will try to make your wait as short as possible. Four to 6 seats will be available in the lobby for after-vaccine monitoring. Budget 30 to 60 minutes for your visit. 
  7. VACCINEAstraZenica or Verity/SII COVISHIELD are the only COVID-19 vaccines available in community pharmacy. These are Health Canada approved and are mutually interchangeable. We participate in pharmacovigilence, monitoring for serious side effects. You may view the monitoring dashboard here
  8. PRODUCT MONOGRAPH: The full AstraZeneca and COVISHEILD product monographs are available on the Government of Canada Website here and here. More vaccine info is here. The monographs include full technical description of the product contents, summary of production, the mechanism of action, and more detail than what is found in most other sources.
  9. TWO DOSES: All patients require 2 doses, which are generally of the same vaccine-type. The second dose should be administered 112-120 days after the first dose. Booking is your responsibility. Covishield and AstraZenica are mutually interchangeable. 
  10. EFFICACY: Vaccine is considered to be effective 3 weeks after the second dose in a series. It is still possible to catch or transmit COVID-19 during the vaccination period; however, partially vaccinated persons may be less susceptible to COVID-related disease than those who have not received a dose. Full efficacy is expected to be around 65-75% in fully vaccinated persons, enabling a dramatic reduction in transmission and severity of illness. It is not yet known how long the vaccine remains effective, but this is actively being studied. If you are willing to join a BC COVID Vaccination study please click HERE
  11. DONT DELAY: We recommend vaccination as soon as you are eligible, to ensure you are protected as soon as possible. The more extensive our vaccination, the more effective it is at saving lives. Supply is critically low, and is now limited to only patients recieving dose 2. 
  12. RECORDS: We will keep a local record, and provide the ministry with a record on the day you are immunized. Once you've been immunized, you can view your provincial record of immunization here
  13. MORE INFORMATION: is available by reading the provided links on this page.


  • Choice of vaccine is not possible. We can only provide ChAdOx1-S Recombinant Covid-19 Vaccine (AstraZenica/Verity/SII)
  • We cannot book your appointment unless vaccine is available for you.
  • Eligibility requirements will be determined by the Province of BC. 
  • BC identification and BC PHN (Personal Health Number) are mandatory.
  • All concerns should be discussed with your physician BEFORE making an appointment. If you have questions about the vaccine or your health, start by visiting your physician prior to booking your vaccination.
  • If you have ever been diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia, or if you have had an anaphylactic response to vaccine before, speak with your physician.
  • Time will be limited per patient, and will not exceed 3-5 minutes. If you expect that more time is needed, a separate appointment and charge will need to be arranged ahead of time.
  • Short Sleeves with EASY ACCESS to the SHOULDER are REQUIRED. 
  • Other vaccines will need to be administered in a separate appointment.  2-4 weeks before or after COVID vaccine.
  • Your Booking will be guaranteed. Appointment times will be limited. Please be committed to your appointment, to help us avoid wasted vaccine. 
  • Supplies and vaccine are provided by the Ministry of Health. The pharmacy is reimbursed sufficiently for 3-5 minutes of appointment time. There is no charge to BC residents for the vaccine. 
  • Vaccine can only be offered to BC Residents who present their BC ID at the time of the appointment.
  • Absolutely do not register for vaccination at more than one location, or precious doses will be wasted.

If you consent to vaccination, meet all criteria, and have read the required health link information sheet for patients Click Here to Reserve a time.

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