Private and Public Vaccination Services:

(Updated: Sept 29, 2022, 12:57pm PST)

A link to register is found at the bottom of this page. Please read.


  1. BOOKING: Patients are asked to SELF-REGISTER. link below. 
  2. PRE-ARRIVAL: Self assess your health. Look for symptoms of cough, cold, flu or Covid-19. If you are sick, please re-schedule. If possible, self administer a rapid antigen test prior to arrival. These can be made available to you for free.
  3. CHECK-IN: Please arrive 5 minutes early. Check in at the counter.
  4. BE PREPARED: Wear relaxed-fit short sleeves, and a mask.
  5. TIME: Budget 20 to 60 minutes for your visit to avoid rushing. 
  6. ADDITIONAL DOSES: Some vaccines require multiple doses according to a schedule. Follow-up appointments are your responsibility.
  7. EFFICACY: Vaccine is usually considered effective 2-3 weeks after the last dose in a series. It is still possible to catch or transmit an infectious disease during the vaccination period; however, partially vaccinated persons are significantly less susceptible. 
  8. RECORDS: We will keep a local record, and we provide the ministry with a medication record. Once you've been immunized, you can view your provincial record of immunization here


  • Eligibility requirements for Public Vaccine will be determined by the Province of BC. 
  • Government issued Identification is mandatory.
  • If you require more than one vaccine in your appointment, please call after booking.
  • Private Vaccines must be pre-paid, and become the non-refundable property of the patient. Administration fees are creditable if appointments must be moved or cancelled.
  • Private vaccine may be dispensed for a doctor's appointment, if you bring a hard sided cooler, and clean icepacks. Advanced notice required.

If you consent to services and acknowledge that charges may be associated with some private vaccines and services, register here:

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