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These 12 cell salts are traditional homeopathic dilutions of naturally occurring salts. Classically prepared in 6X (6DH) dilutions, modern homeopaths occasionally experiment with other dilutions. We currently only offer the classic cell salts in this format. For alternative preparations, please see our options for Homeopathic Pellets


Each stage of an X type dilution occurs at a ratio of 1:10 (1 part substance to 9 parts diluent.) The first stage produces the 1X potency from a "mother tincture," or purified original preparation. Successive serial dilution stages yield 2X, 3X, and so on... until the final dilution factor is accomplished.

About potency and equivalent notations for Dilution:

The Letter X indicates the Roman numeral for ten, and the Latin term "Decem" to represent the 1:10 factor dilution type. It can also be labelled as DH or D for "decem."  X is the same as DH or D.

The "H" in "CH" or "DH" simply indicates that the process is by Hahnemann's method. This is often dropped because it is assumed that the process is Hahnemenn's. 

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