Influenzinum Homeopathic Remedy (Boiron) - [2020/2021]


Homeopathic Influenzinum is available in a box of 5 single use tubes. It is a 9 CH homeopathic potency, produced by mixing flu vaccine in a 1 to 100 parts ratio to diluent, repeating in 9 serial stages of dilution and succussion. It is for oral use, and may be chosen by homeopaths to compliment various treatments, including vaccination.

Is Influenzinum a vaccine?

No. Influenzinum is a homeopathic dilution of influenza vaccine. As stated by the manufacturer, "Homeopathic Influenzinum is not a vaccine." Although it may have began as a vaccine, homeopathic processes have changed it significantly. Influenzinum is a non-traditional homeopathic remedy. Influenzinum is available to help those who enjoy homeopathy feel greater comfort in seeking immunization.  Speak to your homeopath, naturopath or physician for more information.

About Production Batches

Each package may have specific production years, because the production LOT# coincides with each flu season. This is due to the availability of the mother tincture, and is secondary to the production cycle of influenza vaccine. These annual production runs are a result of production factors, not clinical decisions regarding efficacy. Production year does not indicate that a production run is only intended for that year. Boiron Homeopathic Influenzinum does not expire for several years past its production date, and it may be used at any time before expiration. Production batches that are within date may be combined or interchanged safely.

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