Homeopathic Medicine Potency Selection Guide November 15 2014

Dilutions are chosen based on the patient's circumstances
Potency is chosen based on traditional applications, not dosing concepts. In homeopathy "higher potency" means higher dilution, because the dilution stages are referred to as "potencies." This can cause confusion because higher potency typically would mean stronger when speaking from a scientific perspective, but in homeopathy this is not the case. A higher dilution is only used a few times, and a lower dilution is used more often. Dosing frequency is there\fore more relevant to dilution choice, when viewed from the homeopathic school of thought.
If you do not know which potency to select, please read the following general suggestions, or consult your local practitioner:
  • Adults and Children who will use the product daily, as a complimentary treatment for a chronic condition: (Try 12, 15 or 30CH)
  • Adults who intend to take only one or two doses, as desired: (Try 30 or 200 CH)
  • Children who intend to take only one or two doses, as desired: (Try 30CH)
  • Adults or Children, or Pets, where frequent dosing is desired, or where acute situations arise with frequency (such as bug bites, stress or anxiety): (Try 5CH, 6CH, 7CH, or 12CH, or any of the mid to low DH potencies.)
Subjective Observations around selecting potency:
  • The larger the number, the more times it has been diluted and succused (struck or vigorously shaken). Generally, one potency is not "stronger" than another, but you may find one to be more appropriate for you than another, based upon subjective evaluation
  • When uncertain about which remedy and potency to choose, we tend to see lower potencies with more frequent dosing. (Try any of 5, 6 or 7ch.) If you start low, increase potency with response. Decrease potency if no response, or switch remedy). Selecting a variety of selections will allow experimentation: they can be combined safely.
  • Homeopathic practitioners recognize that there is a significant element of "Trial and Error" when it comes to selecting a remedy and potency for a given person or purpose as textbook suggestions may or may not be right for each unique individual.
  • "The shotgun approach" (trying several remedies and potencies at once) is a very common method which has lead to the development of combination products and complex remedies. Many people subjectively find this very helpful, and time saving. Strict classical homeopaths disagree with this approach, preferring to find one constitutional remedy for the person, over several visits, deep history review and various remedy trials. There is no physical, chemical or scientific reason to suggest either approach is superior to the other.
  • Loose trends we've noticed around potency selection:
    • German trained homeopaths in our region trend towards DH potencies.
    • French or English trained homeopaths in our region trend toward CH potencies.
    • Historically, lower potencies were much more prominent. Recently, higher potencies (30 and 200) seem to be more commonly requested. Locally, the most commonly requested potency is 30CH. 15 and 200 would be second and third most common.